We provide a comprehensive range of services in Taxation covering direct as well as indirect taxes.
We can help align your tax strategies with your business needs, meeting compliance obligations
wherever they arise. Our team can advise you on all areas of corporate, international, indirect or
personal taxation. We work with you to bring you the focused, appropriate and effective answers
you need. We specialize in providing services to foreign companies and their employees working in

In Direct taxation, our services cover all aspects of income tax, wealth tax and other direct taxes.
The services include tax registration; tax planning and strategy development; obtaining
confirmations, clarifications and permissions from the tax authorities; conducting tax audits;
preparation and filing of tax returns, finalization of tax assessments and undertaking
representations, objections and appeals.

In Indirect taxation we provide comprehensive advisory services in the field of sales tax which
includes implementing the sales tax system; filing of sales tax returns; claiming and pursuing sales tax
refunds; undertaking representations, objections and appeals; and obtaining exemptions and
concessions wherever applicable.

We help Individuals and Businesses to properly comply with the Tax Laws and Regulations of Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan. We also comply all the tax formalities on behalf of our clients through outsourced services wherever required. Time to time advisory services to update our clients regarding changes in tax laws and their implications on businesses. Represent our clients at appellate forums. Few of the main services are being given below for understanding:

– Registration of NTN, Sales Tax, & Weboc for Sole Proprietor, AOP & Company
– Sales Tax Returns
– Submission of Withholding Statements
– Annual Income Tax Returns & Working (Sole Proprietor, AOP, Company)
– Preparation of Financial Statements for Taxation
– Deferred Taxation
– Tax Computation (Sole Proprietor, AOP, Company)
– Tax Planning
– Tax Audits (U/S 214C, 177, 214E, 214D
– Tax Assessments (Revised, Amended)
– Handling of Different Tax Notices
– Handling of Appeal Matters with Commissioners appeals
– Handling of Appeal Matters with Appellate Tribunal